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Faces of Towerview with Joshua Batchelor of Acuity Public Schools

November 1, 2021

Please allow us to introduce our Member of the Month - Joshua Batchelor of Acuity Public Schools. We have loved getting to learn more about Joshua, and we hope you enjoy getting to know Joshua as much as we have!

Tell us about your company and what you do.

Acuity Public Schools is a charter management organization on a mission to save school choice. Our organization operates in three different branches around charter management. We provide academic, governance, financial, cultural, and management solutions for struggling charter schools on the verge of surrendering their charter authorization. We work with charter school authorizers to acquire revoked charter schools. Finally, we are a network of high-performing charter schools.

How did you get started in your industry?

I have nearly two decades of charter school and management experience. Education always has and will continue to be my passion for breaking generational holds on marginalized communities.

What is something about your business that most people do not know?

While small in size, we are creating a giant footprint in the education industry. Humble beginnings backed with passion lead this organization to new depths to continue the good fight for school choice.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In five years, this organization will be one of the leading education management organizations and will have a footprint in all 50 states and international allies.

Tell me about yourself.

I am a family man that enjoys the simple things in life. I prefer to settle for an evening inside the home with my partner of four years versus going out on a night of town. I’m very close to my immediate family and enjoy spending quality time with each of them. I’m a lover of learning and believe one should never stop learning. In two weeks from Nov 1, 2021, I will be officially Dr. Batchelor as I’m in the final stages of completing my terminal degree.

Other than work, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about helping others. Other than work, I enjoy volunteering for good causes.

What types of activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Traveling, Cooking, Reading, or getting into an excellent binge-worthy series.

Why did you choose Towerview Office Suites Page Creek and how has working here helped your business?

Towerview was an excellent find. After almost two years of working remotely, a change of scenery was needed. The rest of my staff continues to work from home, but being in a collaborative space creates needed home/work separations that increase productivity and focus. The location of the office is a plus. The office also provides multiple spaces large enough to meet with clients, employees, or full boards members. Not to mention, the airport is 8 minutes away, and the location is in the center of plenty of hotel accommodations.

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